First Ever Wine Video



3 Incredible Sparkling Italian Wines

1.Lorenzo Negro, Metodo Classico Roero Arneis, 2014, Piemonte, Italy 
This is absolutely the belle of the ball.  I have given this wine as gifts from the moment I have tasted this incredible arneis and am a true believer that is should always be sparkling.  This wine is bone dry with incredibly mineralty, but its the leesy, luscious, creamy mouthfeel that puts this wine over the top.  Its one of my absolute favorite sparkling wines I have ever had, period. end of story.

2.  Voerziomartini, Frizzante Freisa, 2018, Piemonte, Italy
If you are throwing a party with a cheese plate, you absolutely need to have this wine in your life.  Its wild strawberries and leather.  Its fruit up front and tannins in the back.  Its a mullet, if mullets were still cool.   Its a well waxed mustache on a friendly bar keep. I could keep going, but I think you get the idea. Its everything you want in dry, lightly bubbly red wine when you are snacking on some salumi while you watch the game on tv.

3.  Cantina Della Volta, Metodo Classico Lambrusco Rose, 2015, Modena, Italy
You may have had Lambrusco before, but have you ever had Method Classico, Fully Sparkling, Lambrusco Rose?!?  You certainly should.  This is what happens when you happen to live in Modena, own a Lambrusco Winery and our obsessed with Sparkling Wines of Champagne.  And let me tell you, we are the lucky ones that get to reap the spoils of their obsession.  This is the most delicate Lambruscos with great wild red fruits coming through with an incredible acidity to balance the palate and boucne on the tongue.