Cobble BYOB Wine Pairings

We have the wine + they have the food!

Sorriso Vino and Cobble are proud to collaborate on a unique, reservation-only BYOB dining experience where guests can enjoy a five-course meal in an unexpected setting.

Select your wine pairing below with the add-ons of your choice and book your experience at Cobble here.



1st Course

Am Berg Gruner Veltliner 2021


Wagram, Austria

The best under $50 Gruner I have ever had and I drink a lot of Gruner

2nd Course

Chateau De Poncie Fleurie Cru Beaujolais

Beaujolais, France

Cru Beaujolais is so good and so perfect for this dish. The lack of year round Beaujolais is one of the reasons I opened a store.  Drink this slightly chilled!



– $114

1st Course

Rudi Pichler Gruner Veltliner “Ried Kollmutz” Smaragd 2019

Wachau, Austria

Its ooohhhh so close, but its my second favorite producer of one of my favorite wines. Pichler will give you close to the best bottle of Gruner you have ever had!

2nd Course

T.C. Collector “Uitwaaien” Pinot Noir/Gamay

Oregon, USA

I am cheating a little bit here, it is still Gamay with a touch of Pinot added to it to give it a little more earthiness. Drink this slightly chilled!


PAIRING – $159

1st Course

Prager Gruner Veltliner “Achleiten” Smaragd 2021

Wachau, Austria

Point Blank it is my Favorite Gruner. Its life changing and will leave you wanting for more.

2nd Course

Lafarge “Fleurie” Cru Beaujolais 20

Beaujolais, France

Fruit, Age, Depth absoultely everything you want in “Grand Cru” wine. Its the perfect spulrge for this dish!



Dry Sparkling Cremant Rose from Alsace

Lucien Brut Rose 375ml – $24

My Favorite Champagne

Billecarte Salmon Brut Rose 375ml – $58

 Classic Champagne at a better than classic price.

Billecarte Brut Champagne 375ml – $43

Its Veuve!

Veuve Clicquot 375ml – $44


Lighter, more fruit driven White Port

Anderson White Port 375ml – $24

Lifted VinSanto with flavor of dried candied fruits

Gino Pedrotti VinSanto 2003 375ml $39

Insanely good, 30 year old Port (it stays good after you open it for months)

Barros 20 year 500ml – $64

If you want a little Sambuca after your meal, try this one from Lebanon

Musar Arack “Sambuca” 200ml