Cobble BYOB Wine Pairings

We have the wine + they have the food!

Sorriso Vino and Cobble are proud to collaborate on a unique, reservation-only BYOB dining experience where guests can enjoy a five-course meal in an unexpected setting.

Select your wine pairing below with the add-ons of your choice and book your experience at Cobble here.



1st Course

Ca’ di Sopra UAIT Pinot Bianco 2020

Emilia Romagna, Italy 

Maybe the best Pinot Bianco I have ever had, especially at this price.  Minerality through the roof with an abundance of floral and citrus notes.  Absolutely Killer way to start the meal.

2nd Course

Antonelli Umbria Rosso Sagrantino “Contrario” 2018

Umbria, Italy

Sagrantino fermented in a lighter style in cement to embody the fruit and the freshness of the grape while still have an abundance of body to stand up to the main course


– $82

1st Course

Cave Monaja Pret a Boire Bianco 2021

Valle d”Aosta, Italy 

Passion project white blend from the mountains of northern Italy that I am obsessed with on every level.  Its aged in amphora which intensifies and streamlines the aromatics, which are oozing with florality, citrus, apricots, and peach while finishing with the characeristic dry Italian bitterness

2nd Course

Antonelli Montefalco Sagrantino 2016

Umbria, Italy

Atonelli is one of the two best producers of Sagrantino in the world.  This is the progression of his wines and his life’s work.  It is incredibly impressive in both regards..


PAIRING – $233

1st Course

Trimbach Gewurztraminer “Ribeau” 2012

Alsace, France 

Just one of the absolute best wines at any price in my shop.  The best Gewurztraminer I have ever had.  Complexity for days with new flavors emerging not only in every sip, but every moment its in your mouth. 

2nd Course

Paolo BEA Cerrete Sagrantino 2015

Umbria, Italy

I said one of the two best, and this is the other.  Both great friends, but their styles vary greatly.  He makes the best Sagrantino I have ever had, period, end of story.  The stuff can age forever and has a youthful complexity that is perfect for this meal



Great Italian Bubbles to start the meal

Prosecco 750ml – $18

My Favorite Champagne

Billecarte Salmon Brut Rose 375ml – $53

 Classic Champagne at a better than classic price.

Billecarte Brut Champagne 375ml – $43

Its Veuve!

Veuve Clicquot 375ml – $37


Screaming of Apricots, sweet Italian dessert wine

Anselmi Recioto 375ml – $23

Lifted VinSanto with flavor of dried candied fruits

Gino Pedrotti VinSanto 2003 375ml $39

Insanely good, 30 year old Port (it stays good after you open it for months)

Barros 20 year 500ml – $64

If you want a little Sambuca after your meal, try this one from Lebanon

Musar Arack “Sambuca” 200ml